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The new Top End Crossfire T6 is as good as it ultralightweight rigid chair with a clean, minimalist open frame design, great looks, simple adjustments and super is the total package! Now available in 10 days!


The Crossfire T6 by design is one of the very lightest aluminum chairs on the market today. Just look at it. It's clean lines and "just where you need them" adjustments keep this chair light. The Top End Crossfire T6's total weight (that is qualified as) for a 16" x 16" chair with standard HP rear wheels/tires (24"), adjustable tension upholstery, folding back, 4" semi-pneumatic front wheels is only 19.43 lbs.!! And the transfer weight (without rear wheels) is 11.56 lbs. The new open frame makes getting it in and out of a vehicle easier than ever.

But that is not all. The Crossfire T6 has some custom frame options not offered by anyone else in the USA. The tapered seat width option allows the front of the seat to be built narrower, like your body is, virtually making the chair disappear. Then there is the ergo seat option which offers improved posture, pressure distribution and propulsion by building a "sweet spot" into the frame for your pelvis to sit on. Click on the sell sheet for more information or on the additional images to see more detail.

The key adjustments you need are easy and quick. We even provide the allen tools. The center of gravity adjustment has a range of 4.25". Please click on the additional images below to see a close up detail.

Let's talk about value. What matters the most on a wheelchair besides the frame? The wheels and the upholstery. The Crossfire T6 comes standard with high performance rear wheels and high pressure clincher tires plus semi-pnuematic front wheels. This same wheel package from any other manufacturer will set you back $250-350. The Crossfire T6 also comes standard with adjustable tension upholstery w/straps which is another added value. For more details see below.


  • Custom built rigid ultra-lightweight open or cantilever 6061T6 aluminum frame.
  • Folding adjustable height backrest with adjustable tension upholstery
  • High performance rear wheels equipped with high pressure clincher tires, anodized aluminum handrims and quick release axles.
  • Front forks with inset bearings. Semi-pnuematic front casters 4" or 5".
  • Smart adjustability to keep the total chair under 20 pounds: 4.25" of center of gravity, footrest height, backrest height and angle plus adjustable tension seat and back upholstery.


Frame: Custom built rigid ultra-lightweight open frame or cantilever design. Available in 5 front frame angles: 70,75,80,85 or 90 degrees. New ergo seat option provides optimum positioning, good pressure distribution and better propulsion. See additional images or on-line brochure for more details.
Frame Tubing: 6061 T6 aluminum in 1-1/8" tubing size.
Seat Width: 12"-18" standard. 19" or 20" optional Tapered seat width is optional and is great for people that want their chair to disappear.
Seat Depth: 14"-18" standard. 19" or 20" depth optional.
Seat Height: Front seat to floor height: 16"-21" Rear seat to floor height: 14.5"-21"
With ergo seat option RSH available is 15"-21".
Back Height: Adjustable (8"-11",10"-14", 14"-18" or 16" -20")
Back Angle: Back angle is adjustable on folding back with 5 settings and fixed on fixed back. Please see order form for details.
Back Options: Folding back is standard and fixed back is optional. Upholstery is adjustable tension w/straps as standard and fold- over style as optional. Additional options include bolt-on or integral push handles.
Wheels: High performance radial wheels with double wall rims and high flange hubs equipped with high pressure clincher tires and anodized aluminum push rims are standard. Optional Spinergy Spox wheels with black or yellow spokes are available. Other tires available include pneumatic 1-3/8" treaded as a no charge option and knobby, KIK, Kenda or flat free inserts are optional. See wheel/tire chart on order form for more details.
Wheel and Caster Size: 22", 24" or 25" available as standard. 26" available as option. Front semi-pnuematic casters 4" or 5", 3" micro are standard. Softroll aluminum casters 4" or 5" are optional.
Camber Angle: Center of gravity adjustment is 4.25". Camber choice of 0,3,6 or 9 degrees.
Footrest: One piece tubular footrest or an adjustable angle footplate are available as standard. Footplate covers made of carbon fiber or plastic are available as an option for the tubular footrest.
Foot Space Width: Footspace width for tapered front end is seat width minus 6" and for V style is seat width minus 5". For seat widths of 12", 13" or 14" the footrest space is 8".
Arm Style: Swing away tubular style arms are available as a no charge option.
Arm accessories include: removable sideguards, removable cloth sideguards with rigidizer, fixed aluminum or carbon fiber sideguards, folding aluminum or removable sideguards with fender.
Caster Suspension Options: Frog leg front suspension forks are available as an option.
Product Weight: Complete chair from 19.43 pounds for 16" wide by 16" deep chair equipped with 24" standard HP wheels, quick release axles, 4" semi-pneumatic front casters, folding back and adjustable tension back and seat upholstery. See Order form page 4 for weight calculation chart.
Product Weight Capacity: 250 pounds.
Warranty: Lifetime frame, one year limited parts.

NOTE: All specifications, prices, and product configurations are subject to change without notification. Accessories and seating products shown in the photographs are not necessarily included in the base price of wheelchair.

***Please call in your order for this product so that we can customize this to fit your needs.***

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