Internal Catheters

Internal Catheters

Within our catheters and accessories that we list here we offer products ranging from conforming external catheters to minimally invasive insertion kits.

Finding a trusted and affordable catheter supplier that provides a wide variety of high-quality products is very important. Catheterization involves the necessary management of frequent daily needs, and matching the right catheter with the right person is essential for comfort and confidence.

Although the catheterization process has become increasingly simple in application, catheters come in many different varieties, sizes and models. Finding a trustworthy supplier that can handle questions, provide thorough product and delivery information, and fulfill order requests in a prompt, reliable manner is critical to the quality of life of those who use them.

A good source for catheter needs is also going to specialize in the various devices that are sometimes needed in the catheterization process, such as adhesive tape for external catheters, catheter securement devices, urethral catheterization trays and other equipment.

Transitioning into the use of a catheter is a personal process, no matter if a person is using a Foley catheter, external catheter or a particular brand of urethral catheters. And, as with many other types of products of a private nature, the type and style of catheter can become important factors in finding the right personal fit.

Quality is paramount when choosing a catheter. Continual long-term use of catheters can increase the risk of urinary tract and bladder infections, and using products crafted of high-grade silicone, vinyl, rubber and other materials adds an extra level of confidence and comfort in the use of these medical products.

Not only have we selected the highest-quality supplies for your convenience, but our variety of catheterization devices, urethral catheters, Foley catheters and external catheters are priced with you in mind, because we understand the utmost need for reasonably priced and quality in-home healthcare products.

Foley catheters for urinary care are the most commonly recommended. These are indwelling units, meaning theyÕre inserted into the body, usually through the urethra, and may be kept in place for extended periods as long as they're properly maintained with daily cleaning procedures. They're meant to drain urine from the bladder to an external bag that, during the day, will typically be attached to your leg with elastic bands. This classifies them as a leg bag catheter. In addition to these urethral catheters for sale, we also offer swivel mounts and connector tubing for disposable catheters and a full lineup of urinary catheter supplies.

If the doctor tells you itÕs time to start using a urinary catheter, he/she will likely recommend a particular type and, generally, the smallest possible catheter. If you have any trouble finding the items you need, donÕt hesitate to contact our knowledgeable staff for assistance.

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