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Wireless Sensor Pad Alarm Systems Offer Safety and Convenience


AliMed Model #2143 AliMed Wireless Remote Sensor Pad Alarm Systems

AliMed's Wireless Remote Sensor Pad Alarm System offers three distinct advantages over traditional sensor pad alarms:

1)  Traditional sensor pad alarms sound only at the bedside which can often be upsetting to patients and can interfere with their sleep as well as their roommate's sleep. Bedside alarmscan also make it challenging for staff to quickly locate the patient in need. This wireless remote alarm option can be set to sound at the bedside and outside of the room simultaneously, or sound and flash outside of the room only. This helps reduce the incidence of patient tampering with the alarm and makes it easier for staff to locate the patient quickly.

2)  The alarm unit can be put in a temporary hold mode while assisting the patient . The patient can move off of the pad without the alarm sounding while the hold mode is on. When the hold period expires, the system automatically resets which ensures that the alarm won't be inadvertently left off.

3)  The system also offers a Nurse Call Jack which lets you plug the patient's nurse-call cord into the patient alarm unit, allowing the unit to send a signal to the nurse's station when a patient needs assistance.

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Author: Cascade Healthcare