2019 Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship:

About the Scholarship:

The Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship is an annual $1,000 scholarship awarded to an aspiring nurse who is currently enrolled in an undergraduate nursing program at a college or university or is a high school student who has been accepted into a school with an undergraduate nursing program. The winning applicant will provide the best 200-300 word essay on this year's essay topic which is: "What do you hope to accomplish as a nurse?" . The application deadline is August 1, 2019.

Cascade Healthcare Solutions is a leading online retailer of healthcare supplies to customers throughout the United States including individuals, clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals. In 2019, we are excited to announce an annual scholarship to support future nurses who want to make a difference in the lives of their patients.

We believe that great nurses make a tremendous impact on the lives of patients and the growing elderly population. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing , there is a growing shortage of nurses that is affecting patient care and outcomes. The United States needs hard working and caring individuals to join the nursing profession to support the health and well being of citizens.

Cascade Healthcare Solutions is excited to support individuals who have the goal to pursue one of the most essential professions in our society with the Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements:

This scholarship is available for current students in an undergraduate nursing degree program at an accredited college or university or high school students who have been accepted into a college and plan to study nursing. All applicants must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 and be a legal resident of the USA or hold a valid student visa. The winning applicant must provide verification of enrollment at an undergraduate school with a nursing program or acceptance into a school with an undergraduate nursing program. Additionally, the winning applicant must provide a profile photo and brief biography to be displayed at www.cascadehealthcaresolutions.com. Employees or family members of Cascade Healthcare Solutions are not eligible to participate.

Application Deadline: August 1st, 2019

All applications must be complete upon submission. All applications must be received by Cascade Healthcare Solutions by 5:00 p.m. PST on August 1st, 2019.

We will award the $1,000 scholarship on September 1st, 2019. The winner will receive notification via email or over the phone. A check from Cascade Healthcare Solutions will be mailed directly to the school of the winning applicant to be applied to their student account upon verification of enrollment.

Scholarship Selection Process:

Submissions will be reviewed and selected by a committee. The committee will assess each application according to the quality, thoughtfulness, and relevance of the essay response.

Contact Information:


Email: scholarshipfund@cascadehealthcaresolutions.com

Phone: (877) 480-3028

Attn: Scholarship Committee

115 Burnett Ave. S, STE B

Renton, WA 98057

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2019 Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship Winner:

My name is Shaquilla Gracien and I am from Boston. My interests in nursing mainly stemmed from working as a caregiver for eight years. After I graduated from Wheaton College with a neuroscience degree, I decided to pursue nursing. My current goal is to be a Registered Nurse and in the future become a neuroscience nurse practitioner. I am currently enrolled in an intensive nursing program that will help me gain more experience in the health field along with helping me achieve my goals.

2018 Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship Winner:

My name is Savannah Winters and I am currently a nursing student at California State University, East Bay. I haven't always wanted to be a nurse. As a child, my dream was always to become a police officer like my mother. In fact, I feared hospitals. I would have never found my drive to enter the healthcare field if I hadn't been forced by unfortunate events to see the profession up close and personal. When I was six years old my mother was hospitalized after suffering a brain aneurysm. After that experience, my perception of hospitals and the people that work in them changed for the rest of my life. Thankfully, I was able to see her make a full recovery due to her excellent medical care. Firsthand, I witnessed the knowledge, compassion, and care that makes a great nurse. Since starting my nursing journey, I developed a passion for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where I am currently doing my senior preceptorship. There is something special about caring for a child and possibly adding 70, 80, or even 90 years to their lifespan. When I graduate and pass my NCLEX I hope to be accepted into a NICU new graduate program and obtain as much knowledge and experience as I can over the next two or three years before I return to school to obtain my master's degree and nurse practitioner's license in neonatology. I am so thankful for all the opportunities life has already given me and simply dream to make my friends, family, and fiance proud because I would have never made it this far without them. I am pursuing a career in nursing, not for the potential salary or title, but for the possibility of helping families like mine. I want to be the one responsible for doing something as great as keeping hope alive for the people who feel there is none left.

2017 Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship Winner:

My name is Abigail Mihaiuc and I'm a nursing student at the University of Washington. While Seattle is my home for the duration of my schooling, I was born and raised in Portland, OR metro area in a little town called Camas, WA. Some of my hobbies, such as hiking and photography stem from having the beautiful Columbia River Gorge as my backyard. As the daughter of Romanian immigrants, my parents always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and to obtain an education (something they didn't have the opportunity to have). I knew I wanted to be a nurse after volunteering in a hospital setting throughout high school. Having the opportunity to attend community college in high school, I completed all of my nursing prerequisites and had a nursing assistant license by the time I graduated. The year after high school, I put my nursing assistant license to use and obtained a job as an Obstetric Technician in a local hospital. There, my love for nursing flourished. The example set by the amazing group of people I worked with made me excited to be able to help patients in the wonderful way they did. Once I finish nursing school, my hope is to work as a trauma nurse and eventually to become an emergency nurse practitioner.

2016 Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship Winner:

My name is Grace Buzas, I am a former Michigan resident, but have recently relocated to Massachusetts for nursing school. I originally obtained my LPN in Ohio, and am currently at Salem State University obtaining my Bachelors degree in nursing. From my time as a nurses aide and a LPN, I have developed a deep fondness for caring for the elderly, however, post graduation, I hope to work in an ICU to master nursing skills, and continue my learning. Back home in Michigan, I have a very supportive family who was there for me many stressful nights while I obtained my LPN, and still remain very supportive. And nearby in New York, I have a very understanding boyfriend who very graciously helps me study, and plays the pretend role of a patient very well, whom I am grateful for as well. I am blessed with the opportunity to continue my education, and become the best nurse I am capable of being.

2015 Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship Winner:

My name is Allison Smith and I am originally from Tampa, Florida and I am the youngest of three siblings. In 2009, my mom moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue a career in the nursing field. I am currently a student at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia where I am pursuing a degree to obtain my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. My future goals are to become a Registered Nurse, gain experience in the health field, and later pursue my Master of Science in Nursing and become a Nurse Practitioner.

2014 Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship Winner:

My name is Rebekah Nation, and I am a senior at Emory University's Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and grew up in Stockbridge, Georgia where I attended and graduated from Stockbridge High School. Following high school, I attended Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia for my first bachelor's degree in biology. After graduating from VSU, I joined the Army as a Preventive Medicine Specialist. After returning home from extensive military training, I attended a local college and obtained my EMT license while simultaneously working as a Pharmacy Technician. Soon after, I was called up to active duty at Fort Knox, Kentucky for a year. In Kentucky, I served as a liaison for wounded warriors at the Human Resources Command. After completing my year of active duty, I returned to Georgia, and began working as an EMT for Grady Memorial Hospital EMS. Through my experiences in EMS, I learned more about the role of the nurse, and learned that nursing was where I wanted to take my career. I applied to and started nursing school at Emory University's Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. I am currently still working part time for Grady as an EMT, and I plan to work as an RN in their Marcus Trauma Center upon graduating and obtaining my license. A few other personal facts about me: I have a beagle named Delilah who I adopted from the animal shelter on Fort Knox. In my spare time, I love any kind of adventure (kayaking, canoeing, hiking) and I love anything involving the beach or water. I enjoy traveling whenever possible, whether it's to a nearby state I've never been to, or across the country to visit my sister and nieces in Seattle.