Recliner Chairs

Having the right chair makes all the difference in a patient's comfort, safety, and care. From plush power lift chairs that allow users to recline and raise in style, to medical recliners that help recovering patients and the elderly sit and adjust positions with ease, you'll find what you are looking for at Cascade Healthcare Solutions.

Medical Recliner & Lift Chairs

When certain health challenges make it difficult to get up from and down into a seated position, clinical recliner and lift chairs for home use become incredibly useful. We offer more than 100 medical recliner and lift chairs, all at substantial discounts from retail, and almost all of them include free shipping. Units include basic lightweight PVC 2-position backrest, 3-position footrest chairs that are light yet durable and will hold up to 650-pound patients. There are also fully reclining chaise loungers with optional heat and massage to keep you as comfortable as possible.

When youÕre searching for the best medical recliners for sale, whether something simple and inexpensive or something more substantial such as bariatric recliner and lift chairs for medical care, youÕll find what you need in our extensive inventory, and weÕre confident youÕll appreciate the great discount prices we offer. You'll also find a vast selection of accessories like trays, bolsters and headrest covers. Some individuals who rely on home or resident healthcare spend the majority of their time in recliner chairs, and the right clinical recliner chair can have an incredible impact on a personÕs quality of life.

Recliner chairs must act as an extension of the userÕs own body. It must conform to their shape, but it also needs to provide the proper range of motion given the userÕs physical and environmental limitations. Because these recliner chairs are designed to be set into a stationary position, it is important to consider how the chair will allow the user to interact within specific spaces.

3-Position Recliner

A 3-position recliner is a common design that we offer in many variations, from basic models to deluxe versions with nearly every conceivable amenity for a patientÕs aid and comfort. The three standard positions are upright, a deep recline and a position using the elevated leg rest/footrest. These standard positions can also be complemented using additional features included in the more advanced recliner chairs.

Additional Features for Recliners

Some of these additional features include removable locking trays, suspension seats with moisture barrier, and contoured headrests and armrests. All of these features are designed with the userÕs safety as the top priority, and they help to ensure that comfort does not come at the cost of secure care. Many models are available with seatbelts, seat locks, multi-directional wheel locks and folding backs that allow for easier bed transfer.

Our line of clinical recliner chairs are priced with you in mind because we understand the utmost need for quality in home healthcare products that are offered at a reasonable price. If you should need any assistance in finding your ideal chair, feel free to contact our team of experts.

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