Patient Lifts & Slings

Patient Lifts & Slings

Make caregiving a great deal easier and safer for the provider and patient or loved one with a patient lift (often referred to as a Hoyer lift). Electric lifts use a battery-powered system to lift and transport patients throughout a home or facility with little caregiver effort. Hydraulic lifts require the caregiver to use manual power to hand-crank the lift into position. Find the top-rated patient lift you are looking for on sale now at Cascade Healthcare Solutions.

Patient transfer is a common procedure for caregivers in homes and in healthcare facilities, and attempting to move a patient without the proper equipment can be dangerous for both the caregiver and the patient.


There are a wide variety of cost-effective devices to aid in patient handling, from simple items like slings and straps to the more complex person lift that may be needed to adjust immobile patients that require constant elevation or specific positioning, or must wear rehabilitative equipment or casts that limit maneuverability.

Proper, safe patient lifting is an essential part of the rehabilitative process for patients are incapable of or limited in their movement. Slipshod substitutes for the right equipment can result in even more injury and a longer recovery period, which will likely cost more money than a cost-efficient investment in a person lift. Quality patient transfer devices can help avoid these complications.

There have been many unique advances in patient handling that are now made available to care facilities as well as the home-based caregiver. Hydraulic patient lifts and cradles take patient transfer to the next level, making it possible to secure and cradle individuals for movement as well as for using restroom facilities when using the correct slings.

Patient transfer equipment can also play the dual role of providing rehabilitation support to patients who have limited movement but are recuperating and need support as they exercise leg muscles and regain mobility. These patient lifting systems are also very useful when assisting weight-bearing patients, with many having a support capacity of 450 pounds yet remain extremely light and take up very little space, one of our best sellers being the Joerns Hoyer lift

Our line of patient transfer slings, lifts and accessories are priced with you in mind, because we understand the utmost need for quality in home healthcare products that are offered at a reasonable price.

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