Pressure Prevention Surfaces

Pressure Prevention Surfaces

Pressure prevention surfaces generally refer to the types of pads used in patient-care facilities and in the home to relieve discomfort caused by lying in one position for long periods of time, and they come in many designs and material types.

The Main Causes of Discomfort

The three main causes of discomfort that can lead to bedsores and infection are pressure, friction and moisture. High-quality pressure prevention surfaces offer pressure sore prevention and pressure ulcer prevention through unique designs that allow the material to breathe and wick away moisture while still providing support to the user.

Different Surface Materials

Pressure prevention surfaces and mattress overlay systems vary in terms of complexity. Basic overlay systems of the familiar "egg crate" foam or gel foam variety can offer adequate pressure sore prevention on a budget. Similar pads may be made of inflatable vinyl or a combination of air cells encased in foam that perform well in pressure ulcer prevention.More advanced technology has resulted in pressure prevention surfaces that can be adjusted for comfort in many different ways using pumps. Patients who prefer more conventional comfort, however, may prefer genuine sheepskin that provides natural pressure sore prevention.Sheepskin contains natural lanolin that soothes and heals skin, and also absorbs moisture to keep skin dry.

Alternating Pressure

Superior functionality can be found in lateral rotation mattresses that can automatically, and gently, rotate patients at the touch of a button. Articulation is achieved in these mattresses through the control of air pressure that eases the user into a new position so as to assist the caregiver. These devices provide an extraordinary amount of versatility and support for individuals who are incapable of self-adjustment and are prone to developing problems associated with no mobility.Our line of pressure prevention surfaces are priced with you in mind,because we understand the utmost need for quality in home healthcare products that are offered at a reasonable price.


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