Bathroom Assists

Whether you need a grab bar for stability or a shower chair for a safe seating surface, you can find the products you need to make your bathroom safe from falls at Cascade Healthcare Solutions.

Bathroom Assistance Devices & Safety Accessories

Negotiating the tricky turns, slippery tiles and tight spaces of a bathroom can be a daunting challenge for someone who is recuperating from an injury or a prolonged stay in the hospital, and installing or using bathroom assists is an excellent way to increase safety and ease of use of these facilities.

There are many types of bathroom assists, each designed to help navigate particular areas or lend strength for specific afflictions. A commode or raised toilet seat can help with using the toilet, and a transfer bench or shower chair can make for a more safe and comfortable bathing experience. Bathroom assistance devices and accessories, bath and shower medical equipment, and bathroom medical supplies for the injured and elderly are all extremely important items to those requiring their use. The call of nature waits for no one, and access to the proper equipment and supplies to do the job with convenience, safety, and d ignity is worth a great deal to those needing assistance. Bathrooms can be difficult to negotiate and are a place where many home accidents occur. Our lineup of bath benches and chairs , grab bars, bath lifts, and other bath transfer systems are not only important safety items but they also add greatly to the convenience factor when having to use the facilities. A commode is useful for when an individual has difficulty navigating within the bathroom at all and stands alone to be used in a more comfortable location. Raised toilet seats come in many different styles; some have grips while others lock in place to better assist individuals with back, hip, leg or knee infirmity that makes lowering and standing difficult.

Bathtubs are often slippery and ill-designed to accommodate people with mobility issues, and entering and exiting them can be dangerous without assistance. A transfer bench allows people to ease into and out of baths and shower chairs give people the option of having a shower even though they may have difficulty standing. Bathroom assists have seen a great deal of improvement and innovation, and new designs now make things easier than ever when using the bathroom. Of course, traditional items like grips and grab bars have a kind of universal appeal for their ability to blend into the decor and help with many types of maneuvers and situations. Bathroom safety products and handicap toilet aids include numerous subcategories such as rolling shower chairs, handheld showerheads, special commodes, and toilet seats, as well as a wide range of accessories such as toilet paper, sanitary wipes and much more.

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