Lightweight Wheelchairs

Lightweight Wheelchairs

Our lightweight wheelchairs offer high-performance and excellent value. We have the sizing, style, width and options that you are looking for listed below.

The mobility that a lightweight wheelchair provides can have an incredible impact on a person's quality of life. More freedom of motion directly translates to richer interaction with one's environment, both in the home and as a way to explore the world outside it.Better technology means that people no longer have to sacrifice comfortableness and safety for a wheelchair that delivers performance and easier maneuverability. The size, weight and general design of a wheelchair can have a dramatic effect on the user's ability to navigate through a particular area; especially that area was not originally designed to accommodate wheelchair access, which is the case for many homes. These are situations that call for light wheelchairs, and there are many aluminum wheelchairs available that achieve streamlined performance by using sturdy low-profile frames and varying wheel diameters that better conform to the physical abilities of the user with respect to the space limitations that may exist. An aluminum wheelchair or carbon steel wheelchair with aluminum braces can weigh as little as 31 pounds, making it ideal for someone who would like to have independent movement but may lack sufficient upper-body strength or otherwise have trouble maneuvering a larger, heavier wheelchair. Composite wheels and urethane tires can make a light wheelchair of this type even lighter. A lightweight wheelchair no longer means an uncomfortable wheelchair. Most light wheelchairs offer the ability to adjust the angle of the backrest, the height of the wheel castors and the foot riggings to improve comfort. They also come well-padded and can be modified to accommodate people who have difficulty transitioning out of the chair for bathroom use or getting into bed. Our line of light wheelchairs and are priced with you in mind, because we understand the utmost need for quality in home healthcare products that are offered at a reasonable price.

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