HomeFill Oxygen Systems

HomeFill Oxygen Systems

The HomeFill Oxygen Systems listed below cover the full range of cylinder types and allow ambulatory oxygen patients to fill their own cylinders for greater independence and freedom. Click Here to Read More...

There are several different options for individuals who need oxygen to go or oxygen at home, but some options are arguably more convenient than others. Invacare Home Fill systems offer users a reliable and renewable source of oxygen.

Invacare oxygen systems work by purifying and compressing oxygen found in the ambient atmosphere so that it may be transferred to a light and portable cylinder that can be used anywhere. They eliminate the need for service calls and most people find the smaller cylinders easier to store and transport than some of the larger devices or liquid oxygen alternatives.

Many HomeFill systems come with an assortment of different-sized cylinders that correspond to differing fill times. For example, a smaller cylinder will take less time to fill and is useful for quick oxygen to go, whereas a larger cylinder may take longer but can fill while the smaller one is in use and is better suited for use around the house. The smallest cylinders take as little as 24 minutes to fill and bigger cylinders up to 3.5 hours.

Once filled, the cylinders will hold oxygen until they are used. Some oxygen systems come with a Ready Rack that will hold cylinders not in use, and Ready Racks are also available for separate purchase if one is not included or an extra rack is needed.

An Invacare HomeFill oxygen system comes in several different designs and all of them have a host of features that greatly simplifies the process of getting oxygen. These products do represent an investment, but can save money and time in the long term by providing a safe, permanent and portable solution to a patientÕs oxygen needs.

Our line of oxygen systems and accessories are priced with you in mind, because we understand the utmost need for quality in home healthcare products that are offered at a reasonable price.

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