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Exam and surgical glovesare essential in situations where the wearer needs protection from viruses and bacteria, chemicals, biohazards, and other dangerous substances. They also protect the patient by providing contributing to a sterile environment during medical exams and procedures. At Cascade Healthcare Solutions, we offer a large selection of exam and surgical gloves to meet the needs of medical providers, caregivers, and patients. Whether you are looking for latex gloves, latex-free gloves, nitrile gloves, or vinyl gloves, we have what you need at our everyday low prices.

Disease and infection spread through human physical contact is one of the leading causes of sickness in the healthcare and home care profession, and exam gloves can greatly decrease the dangers associated with contamination.

The hands and objects commonly touched by hands are receptors for a host of bacteria in everyday activity, and especially when working in environments that require handling and disposal of bodily fluids, bandages and other material. Exam gloves help prevent contact found in these materials.

Latex and latex-free gloves are a safe, inexpensive and easy way to provide the caregiver and the patient protection against infection from one another and from the outside world, and can be found in sterile and non-sterilized varieties.

Surgical gloves come in many different types and preferences are determined by need, comfort and sometimes with considerations toward allergies to latex products. Those with allergies may consider latex-free gloves made of vinyl. This latex alternative is actually cheaper than latex gloves in most cases and offers comparable performance and protection.

Nitrile gloves offer another choice and again are comparable in performance and price to latex gloves. The major difference between latex gloves and non-latex alternatives is that these alternative materials do not provide the amount of smooth control and fit that latex gloves do; however, the difference is negligible unless actually performing surgery. These gloves are virtually interchangeable when being used for their ability to increase protection from contamination.

All of these choices come in powder or powder-free varieties. Talcum is used to aid in the donning of the gloves along with ambidextrous design, but some prefer that their hands not come into contact with the powder for various reasons, although it is not harmful.

Our line of latex and latex-free exam gloves are priced with you in mind, because we understand the utmost need for quality in home healthcare products that are offered at a reasonable price.

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