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Cylinders & Accessories

Oxygen therapy is prescribed for individuals who do not take in enough oxygen on their own. Oxygen cylinders store oxygen gas under pressure for safe and convenient use, whether at home or on the go. At Cascade Healthcare Solutions, we offer a wide variety of oxygen cylinders, storage solutions, and accessories like oxygen carts and carrying bags. Shop top brands like McKesson, Invacare, and Independence Medical at our everyday low prices.

Most people who require the use of oxygen in their homes or on the go have to maintain an oxygen cylinder in some way to ensure that there is always a ready oxygen supply on hand. Running out of oxygen is never an option and it is important this equipment is of the highest quality and kept in good order.

Medical oxygen is dispensed in many ways. There are at-home devices that can concentrate oxygen that is then used to refill the oxygen cylinder, or cylinders can be replaced by via delivery by a vendor. Oxygen cylinders also come in many different varieties depending on their design and use.

Oxygen for travel often comes in smaller cylinders that are easier to transport using light carrying cases, shoulder packs or in slings that can be attached to a belt. Sometimes larger oxygen cylinders are taken on the road, too, which requires a sturdy cart, many of which can be adjusted for differing height. Storage racks are also available to keep cylinders safe and organized when not in use.

No matter how well an oxygen tank is maintained, however, accidents do happen and moving parts, seals and valves can wear out. It is always a good idea to have reserve oxygen cylinders in the event that something unexpected happens, and these cylinders are available individually or in multipacks.

Individuals who have in-home HomeFill concentrators may need to replace assemblies or other parts from time to time, and users may want to consider keeping these items on hand as well. These components are designed to be easily replaced when necessary and will save time otherwise spent waiting for repair.

Our line of medical oxygen cylinders and accessories are priced with you in mind, because we understand the utmost need for quality in home healthcare products that are offered at a reasonable price.

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