Cushions & Covers

Cushions & Covers

Comfort and quality of life go hand in hand and high-quality cushions and covers provide an easy way to improve comfort at home or at work following a stay in hospital or during a rehabilitative period, or simply to enhance everyday living.If there is a surface designed to come into contact with the sitting form, and that surface is causing discomfort, there are cushions and covers designed to make it more comfortable. It may be a wheelchair cushion, ROHO cushion or one of many other types of cushion pads used to improve conventional seating.

Posture Correction and Pain Relief

The average person spends a great deal of time in a seated position regardless of health or mobility, and improper lumbar and neck support are a major contributor of long-term discomfort stemming from back pain and sore muscles caused by poor posture. The right cushions and covers can subtly and comfortably influence the way a person sits to better encourage proper posture and also ease pain during periods of injury recovery.This is particularly relevant for individuals who use a wheelchair. The proper wheelchair seating and wheelchair cushion can make wheelchair use much more comfortable, even if that use is only temporary. A gel wheelchair cushion can help better distribute the userÕs weight and increase stability, which will allow muscles that normally would not be stressed to relax, decreasing soreness and improving natural movement.

ROHO Pressure Prevention Cushions

A ROHO cushion represents the top tier of options when considering wheelchair seating. ROHO has been improving its wheelchair cushion designs since the company was founded in 1973 and continues to lead the industry in advanced technology with its innovative use of air cells and no-compression foams to deliver ultimate comfort. ROHO, however, has not cornered the market in wheelchair cushion quality, and there are many other cushion pads of all kinds to address comfort issues from head to toe.Our line of wheelchair cushions and covers and other cushion pads are priced with you in mind, because we understand the utmost need for quality in home healthcare products that are offered at a reasonable price.

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