Advantage Rail Portable Bariatric - 450lbs

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The Advantage Rail has a pivoting and locking horizontal rail that secures and releases from a low profile, floor mounted plate. Now you can take it with you or simply move it out of the way when it is not needed. Each portable model quickly secures and releases from a low profile floor mounted plate.


  • Comes with 1 floor plate. Additional floor plates sold separately.
  • Install additional floor plates to use Advantage Rail in multiple locations.
  • Excellent where ceiling restrictions prevent a floor to ceiling pole. Perfect beside a toilet, bath, bed, or chair.
  • Simple. A gentle lift unlocks the rail to start it moving. Keep the rail up to move freely. Let the rail down to lock. Provides 8 locking positions. Height adjustable.
  • Safe, Effective Support. Push or pull on the rail to assist with sitting, standing and moving. To help prevent a forward fall, the rail will lock if released.
  • Reduce Caregiver Strain. Maximize the use of available strength while a caregiver supervises. Promotes safe and independent movement.
  • Specifications

  • Manufacturer: HealthCraft
  • Weight Capacity: 450lbs
  • Rail Diameter: 1.25" / 3.175cm.
  • Rail Length: 17" / 43cm.
  • Horizontal Rail Height Range: 30-38" / 76-97cm.
  • Pole Diameter: 1.5" / 3.81cm.
  • Pole Height: 54" / 137cm.
  • Floor Plate Diameter: 7.5" / 19cm.
  • Latex free grip.

    Note: The Advantage Rail Portable should only be installed in areas where the floor is structurally sound. If you are not equipped to undertake the outlined work we recommend that you have your Advantage Rail Portable installed by a qualified contractor. Unit must be secured to floor with fasteners appropriate to the floor material - fasteners must be rated for at least 450lbs/205kg retention force each (see within for recommendations). Floor mount fasteners should be inspected monthly and tightened if necessary.

    Note: Fastening hardware is NOT included.

    1 Each / Each
  • Part Number(s):
    • AR-PT-HD


    (No reviews yet) Write a Review

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