Bio Protech Electrodes - Elite Silver White Cloth

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Does not require extra conductive gel. Strong, tacky adhesive. Low impedance and high conductivity. Self-adhering gel electrodes are easy to apply and reposition. Flexible for comfort, conformity and durability. Available in carbon or silver construction. Self-adhering silver electrodes conduct current more uniformly than carbon electrodes and are packaged in a foil resealable pack. Self-adhering carbon electrodes are packaged in a clear, resealable pack. Reusable: optimum treatment performance allows electrodes to be used for 20- 30 applications. Various styles, sizes and shapes adaptable to most treatment sites. Nonwoven cloth or PE foam backing material. Lowest silver film impedance (<3 ohms) and low carbon film impedance (<30 ohms). Conductive wires constructed of carbon fiber 3K and reinforcing fiber, with a wire thickness of 1.5 mm- 1.6 mm; the terminal wire is nickel-plated brass with an inner diameter of female terminals of 1.98 mm- 2.02 mm. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) liner.

4 Each / Pack
Part Number(s):
  • DY48RDWSL - 2" Round
  • DY30RDWSL - 1.25" Round
  • DY75RWSL - 3" Round
  • DY4848WSL - 2" x 2" Square
  • DYRG5090WSL - 2" x 3.5" Rectangle


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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