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This 20-minute DVD introduces laid-back positions to help mothers breastfeed in greater comfort and enjoy their babies more. In the past, mothers were instructed to sit up and lean over baby supported on a lap pillow. This has worked for many mothers but was not the ultimate in comfort beginning breastfeeding for mother or for her infant.


  • You will see ethnically diverse mothers and babies in a delivery room, a postpartum hospital room after a cesarean birth, at home in bed and various chairs, and in an outdoor café. Each setting illustrates a different aspect of how Biological Nurturing makes early mothering and breastfeeding easier and more satisfying.
  • When baby is on his tummy snuggled up to mom’s breast, magic happens for both of them! Baby’s reflexes awaken when his whole body is touching hers and mom responds in loving gestures because her hand is free.
  • This ultimate comfort encourages her to let baby nurse as long as he needs to and she benefits from oxytocin release for complete relaxation.
  • Bonus footage explains why one mother found breastfeeding challenging in a rocking chair when her baby was not fully on his tummy touching her body. A good teaching tool.

    This DVD is a perfect baby shower gift and ideal teaching for prenatal and breastfeeding classes, hospital closed-circuit television (with contractual permission), doctors’ offices, breastfeeding mother-support groups, and WIC clinics. Mothers watching it realize how easy and wonderful breastfeeding can be. It doesn’t have to be difficult anymore.
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