The Innovative Invacare Platinum 10 Oxygen Concentrator

Posted by Kevin Lambing, Homecare Consultant on Jul 5th 2021

The Innovative Invacare Platinum 10 Oxygen Concentrator

This past year, due to COVID, we have seen oxygen-related products being sold at a premium, and that was if they were even in stock. Fortunately for our customers, we have the Invacare Platinum 10 oxygen concentrator in stock.

The Platinum 10 by Invacare is one of the best concentrators on the market, and is perfect for use in the home or a professional medical setting. The Platinum 10 features an easy to read front panel that has a built-in self-diagnostic tool to quickly pinpoint any oxygen loss or any potential problem.

This top-rated concentrator offers 10 Liters of oxygen per minute for those that may need an elevated oxygen delivery system. It also can be used with the HomeFill station so you will have an unlimited, and more importantly, reliable refillable oxygen supply.

And for extra added peace of mind, this model also features the SenseO2 feature that will alert you if your oxygen concentration falls below what you need.

The Platinum 10 is only 54lbs and is set on strong wheels so you can easily maneuver around the home. Order yours today from Cascade Healthcare Solutions and receive a Free invacare humidifier kit and cannulas at no extra cost.

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