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Product Overview

Requires no battery or electricity. The DUO BB-270 is specially designed with dual nozzle and a warm soft mist spray for feminine wash and effective warm water stream for posterior wash.

The DUO BB-270 comes with metal meshed braided water hose for hot and cold water and a universal 7/8" and 3/8" brass T valve are included.

The DUO BB-270 comes with user-controlled nozzle selection, warm water feature and temperature control knob along with a cold water by-class and self-cleaning nozzle. Simple and easy operation and installation Upgraded product and parts materials for maximum durability.

Simple and Easy operation and installation.


  • Continuous warm water stream
  • No electricity or battery required
  • Dual Retractable nozzle
  • Posterior and Feminine Wash
  • Self-Cleaning nozzle
  • Built-in cold water bypass
  • Silver brass control stem
  • Silver brass ball valve
  • Silver braided metal hose for both hot and cold water
  • All brass universal T valve
  • Unified valve system for better regulated water stream and increased durability
  • P.S.P.C (Positive Stepping Pressure Control) for easier pressure control
  • Double sided body panel for better protection and easy cleaning
  • Ingenious splash guard
  • Dual nozzle system

  • Simple and easy to use, the Duo BB-270 is as good as it gets in its class. As an attachable, non-electric bidet, the Duo BB-270 supplies cold and warm water, dual nozzle action for front and rear wash, as well as a self-cleaning option all made possible by high-quality silver brass and ABS parts at an affordable price.
  • The Duo BB-270 provides accurate cleansing coverage with water pressure and temperature adjustments by using the P.S.P.C dials.
  • Dual nozzle system

  • New BB-270 is built to last.
  • Constructed with polished brass inlet for maximum durability.
  • Standard parts are :
  • 76" Braided metal hose for hot water
  • 3/8" polished brass T
  • 26" Braided metal hose for cold water
  • 7/8" Universal fill valve T
  • Based on water pressure.

  • For those who want warm and cold water options with a front or back wash option, the Duo BB-270 would be a perfect solution.
  • Like other non-electric bidets, the Duo BB-270 runs solely on water pressure without the use of batteries or electricity.
  • The Duo BB-270 comes with a water supply line to connect directly to your existing hot water supply and a built-in cold water bypass to flush out the preexisting cold water from your water line so that when you're ready for a pleasantly warm wash, it's primed for you.
  • Easy controls from maximum cleansing.

  • The Duo BB-270 comes equipped with P.S.P.C Pressure control dial knobs which allow the user to physically feel each level up as they increase the pressure with the dial.
  • This is a useful feature for those with mobility restrictions who find it difficult or uncomfortable to visually check what they are selecting.
  • For a product that was meant to make life easier in all ways possible, we thought this small feature could mean a whole lot to someone so it was worth implementing.
  • Silver brass flow valve

  • The voice of the customer is what matters. We take every criticism and compliment to heart and apply what we learned from our customers to design new products or improve existing products.
  • The silver brass flow valve and stem is the result. By upgrading the valve system to a solid brass ball valve and stem, the defect rate has dropped to close to 0% and customer satisfaction has risen.
  • The longevity of a bidet with a solid brass flow valve is increased compared to the unreliability of plastic valves and stems.
  • Includes

  • Protective rubber O rings
  • Metal 7/8" T-valve x 1
  • Metal 3/8" T-valve x 1
  • 26" Braided Metal Water Supply Hose - cold water
  • 76" Braided Metal Water Supply Hose - hot water
  • Warranty

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

    1 Each / Each
  • Part Number(s):
    • BB-270


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