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If you want a great way to exercise, cross-train or just have fun, the Top End Excelerator handcycle is what you need. This extremely stable and maneuverable upright three-wheel handcycle is capable of speeds up to 15 mph.


The smooth Shimano shifter lets you tackle hills or level terrain with equal ease. The 7-speed Shimano hub, with reverse braking, means your hands never have to leave the handles to stop or fumble to find a neutral zone back-up. And, with the fully adjustable chain tension idler, there is no need to add or remove chain links with crank height adjustments.

Now available with optional Top End V cranks for more power and clearance.


  • Carbon steel oval tube upright frame with powder coat paint and 350 pound weight capacity.
  • Adjustable tension seat upholstery, adjustable back height, adjustable fore and aft sliding seat, adjustable height/angle dual footrests.
  • Chain guard, parking brake, safety foot straps, Shimano 7-speed Nexus hub, hands on reversing drum brake, easy-to-reach 7-speed shifter.
  • Cushion, 24 inch performance spoked wheels wtih cruiser tires or optional knobby tires.
  • Vertical ergonomic hand pedals, adjustable crank height, adjustable chain tension idler.


Frame: Single main tube, upright style with pivot steering, adjustable fore/aft seat position, adjustable crank height and footrests. Easy to adjust sliding seat makes transfers in and out of the handcycle more functional.
Frame Tubing: 1 3/4" x .065 ovalized carbon steel tubing.
Seat Width: 14", 16", 18" or 20" standard. Custom widths of 15", 17" and 19" optional.
Seat Depth: 15".
Footrest: Adjustable in height and angle with safety straps to secure the feet.
Wheels: Available with 24" wheels and cruiser tires. Standard cruiser tires are tractor grip 24 x 1.75" 40 psi. Optional knobby tires 24 x 1.95" 40-65 psi available. Thorn resistant tire protectors are optional.
Camber Angle: 9 degrees.
Back Angle: Fixed at 100 degrees. Will be changing to 90 degree back angle in Spring of 2004.
Back Width: Same as seat width.
Back Height: Adjustable 11" to 14".
Power: Powered by using arms. Excelerator handcycle features internal gearing: Shimano Nexus 7 speed hub with reversing drum brake. The mountain drive option works like a transmission to gear down for climbing hills. There are 7 standard gears and 7 low gears with the mountain drive option. Standard crankset is 175mm. New Optional V Cranks will allow users to get more power to the pedal plus gives more clearance space for those with larger waistlines.
Handle Style: Delrin or foam covered ergonomic hand pedals are standard. Optional Tri-pin quad hand pedals, horizontal hand pedals or pedals with quad cuff are available.
Turning Radius: 12 feet for 360 degree circle. 8 feet w/one back-up maneuver.
Seat To Floor Height: Front seat height is 20" with 2" cushion (included). Rear seat height is 18".
Product Weight: 50 pounds.
Product Weight Capacity: 350 pounds.
Shipping Product Weight: 80 pounds shipped completely assembled with exception of rear wheels.
Overall Length: 65".
Warranty: 3 year on frame to original owner/limited parts warranty.
Safety System: Reflectors, chain guard and parking brake are standard. Safety options available include: seat restraints, mirror, safety flag, helmet, safety lights and hydration systems.

NOTE: All specifications, prices, and product configurations are subject to change without notification. Accessories and seating products shown in the photographs are not necessarily included in the base price of wheelchair.

***Please call in your order for this product so that we can customize this to fit your needs.***

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