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Safely stretch injured shoulder, elbow and wrist joints with the Vive Wooden Finger Ladder. Great for rehabilitation, physical therapy and more, our ladder features 34 incremental steps to effectively increase the range of motion and flexibility. The smooth red oak wood finger ladder is rounded and coated with a clear protective finish for durability. Easy to assemble and install, the wooden finger ladder with the pre-drilled holes includes necessary hardware for wall mounting and a padded door bracket with protective silicone pads for over the door use.



  • Increase Shoulder, Elbow And Wrist Motion

Safely and effectively stretch your shoulder, elbow and wrist to increase the range of motion and flexibility. Perfect for physical therapy and rehabilitation following a surgery or injury, the finger ladder also aids in alleviating stiffness due to arthritis. 


  • 34 Finger Steps

Each rounded step is angled at 60 degrees for ease of use with 1.38” of stretch between each step. 


  • Two Easy Installation Options

Repositionable, the shoulder finger ladder includes two installation options. Using the padded door bracket, the wooden finger ladder can be easily positioned on a door. Eight silicone pads are also included to protect the door surface. For permanent positioning, the shoulder finger ladder is pre-drilled and includes four wall screws for securely mounting on a wall at any height. 


  • Smooth Solid Wood Construction

Easy to assemble, the 3-piece solid wood finger ladder measures 52” in length and is constructed with a smooth, splinter-free red oak wood. A durable clear coat protects the finger ladder from moisture. 



  • What’s Included:  
    • 3pc 45cm length finger ladder panels
    • Hardware
      • 4x Cam Screw + 1x spare
      • 4x Cam Nuts + 1x spare
      • 2x Wood Dowel Pin + 1x spare
      • 4x Wall Mounting Anchors + 1x spare
      • 4x Wall Mounting Screws +1x spare
      • 1x Door Bracket with sponge
      • 2x Bracket Screws + 1x spare
      • 8pc silicone pads
    • Color(s): red oak wood
    • Size(s): one size
    • Product Dimensions: 78.2mm width * 25.5mm thickness * 52.256inch length 
      • 14mm distance between steps
    • Product Weight: 1.23Kg / 2.71Ibs
    • Material(s): red oak, metal, sponge, EVA
  • Latex free: yes
  • Care: wipe down with a cloth, keep dry



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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