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HOLD YOUR PREMIE are the words that every parent of a baby born too early longs to hear! Dr. Bergman's research and astounding DVD for professionals has changed the way NICUs facilitate skin-to-skin and breastfeeding. Jill Bergman is an educator and designed a parent version in a DVD as well as a companion book.


  • Gets right to the heart of parents concern and fears of delivering too soon.
  • Great scenes of a full term African baby going to the breast by himself at delivery and another showing this after a cesarean birth!
  • Not only gives parents permission to hold their infant skin-to-skin but both tell why it is vital for the baby to not be left alone.
  • The DVD shows how to do it easily along with breastfeeding.
  • Jill talks parents through their emotional turmoil, on to practical things to do, empowering them to become central to the team for their baby's care.
  • Helps parents to understand the premie and how differently they feed and why protecting sleep is important.
  • Breast milk is best: Pumping and breastfeeding are beautifully described for the premature infant.
  • At last a take home book just for parents to reinforce the DVD and why they need to be in the NICU and hold their premie skin-to-skin.
  • Pages for notes and charts to help them chart their course in the book.

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