Magna-Port Gastrostomy Tubes

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Versatile and convenient, tubes can be used for initial placement or for replacement - for use in an existing stoma as a replacement tube, or as a primary catheter in place of a Foley or de Pezzer catheter (when the tract is created using the Stamm or Witzel procedure).

- Designed for Patient Comfort: Medical-grade silicone tube material is biocompatible and flexible.
- Designed to Reduce Potential for Tube Migration: Circular skin disk helps maintain tube position.
- Specially designed Interlocking Feeding Set Connector holds gastrostomy tube and feeding set
together to minimize separation and leakage.
- DEHP-free, Latex-free
Part Number(s):
  • ROS51366 - Blue Balloon Access Valve, 22 Fr - 1 Each
  • ROS51364 - Green Balloon Access Valve, 20 Fr - 1 Each
  • ROS51362 - Orange Balloon Access Valve, 18 Fr - 1 Each
  • ROS54738 - Peach Balloon Access Valve, 24 Fr - 1 Each
  • ROS51360 - Tan Balloon Access Valve, 16 Fr - 1 Each
  • ROS59472 - White Balloon Access Valve, 26 Fr - 1 Each
  • ROS51358 - Yellow Balloon Access Valve, 14 Fr - 1 Each


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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