Mepitel Non-Adhesive Dressing

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Dressing that effectively absorbs and retains exudate and maintains a moist wound environment. Mepitel is designed for a wide range of wounds such as skin tears, skin abrasions, surgical incisions, second degree burns, blistering, lacerations, partial and full thickness grafts, diabetic ulcers, venous and arterial ulcers.

- Minimizes pain and trauma at dressing changes
- Can remain in place for up to 14 days, ensuring undisturbed wound healing
- Enables less frequent dressing changes
- Minimizes the risk of maceration
- Maintained product properties over time - leaves no residues and does not dry out
- Transparent for easy wound inspection during application and during wear
- Conforms well to body contours, promoting patient comfort during wear
- Stays in place
- Low potential for skin irritation and allergy

2" x 3" - 1 case (50 units)

50 Each / Case
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  • MOL290599


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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