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Not everyone can sleep on a twin-sized or hospital-bed-sized mattress. Some prefer to sleep with their partner, some require a wider mattress for comfort, and some for ease in activities of daily living. So why do other companies offer therapeutic surfaces in single person sizes only? To better address "real world" needs, Span-America introduces In-Home versions of three popular PressureGuard mattress systems. Styled with a less institutional appearance, these In-Home versions are available in king, queen, full, full long, or dual (split) king sizes. Half of the mattress is outfitted to deliver dynamic air therapy, while the remainder provides static air support. The air therapy portion can be manufactured into the center of the mattress for a single patient. Or, it can be built into the "patient right side" of the mattress-that is, the patient's right hand side as referenced with the patient in the backlying position. The In-Home PressureGuard mattress can be used on specialty bed frames or directly on top of standard consumer box springs


  • Sizes: In-Home Styles are PressureGuard therapeutic mattresses that come in Full, Queen and King bed sizes. They can be placed on standard box springs or on specialty bed frames.
  • Air Cylinders: The therapeutic air cylinder system can be placed in the center of the mattress or on the patient's right side, as pictured.
  • Cover: The cover is made in a home-style rather than a medical style. The bottom is a light blue cloth, and the top is a dark blue moisture barrier fabric.
  • Safety Edge Bolsters: The Safety Edge consists of a firm 2-part foam bolster whose inner edge contours under pressure to direct the patient towards the center of the mattress. This adds to patient stability in sitting and lying down, and helps prevent falls and entrapment between the siderail and the mattress.
  • PressureGuard CFT Therapeutic Surface: It uses exclusive Constant Force Technology to automatically adjust the mattress's network of interconnected air cylinders and elasticized reservoirs to the appropriate, therapeutic levels for each patient, regardless of their weight or position on the surface. Delivers customized pressure reduction comparable to low air loss, while providing patient with a stable surface to maximize functional ability and maintain safe positions. Provides a clinically effective solution for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment, and the cost effective alternative when resources limit care options. A proven option for prevention in the high risk ICU / CCU environment, and for care of the post-skin graft patient.

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    Part Number(s):
    • CF8038-HS-29 - Dual King - 80"L x 38"W
    • CF7554-HS-29 - Full - 75"L x 54"W
    • CF8054-HS-29 - Full Long - 80"L x 54"W
    • CF8060-HS-29 - Queen - 80"L x 60"W


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