Smart Caregiver Cordless Bed and Chair Exit System

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Smart Caregiver
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The Smart Caregiver Bed and Chair Exit System is designed to assist caregivers in preventing falls of their residents. Great product to help care for those with Dementia or Alzheimer's. Fall alarms, mobility monitors, and anti-wandering products are efficient tools that help caregivers with their day to day duties. These devices alert caregivers in a multitude of ways so that when a resident is attempting to get up without proper assistants, the caregiver hears an alert and promptly goes to assist the resident. System has a one year manufacturer's warranty.
  • COMPLETE CAREGIVER SYSTEM - The Smart Caregiver Bed and Chair Exit System includes a 20 x 30 in. Wireless Bed Pad, 10 x 15 in. Wireless Chair Pad,  and 1 433-EC Wireless Alarm.
  • BED & CHAIR PAD SENDS SIGNAL TO ALARM - When a user gets up from the bed or chair pad, the transmitters in the pads send a signal to the 433-EC Wireless Alarm to alert the caregiver. 



  • WIRELESS ALARM MONITORING RANGE UP TO 300 FT - The 433-EC Wireless Alarm provides affordable and effective cord-free monitoring with a range up to 300 feet. 



  • NO ALARMS IN ROOM - With the 433-EC Wireless Alarm being away from the bedroom, the user will not be startled by loud alarms when they get up from the chair or bed pad. The 433-EC Alarm takes 3 C batteries and can also be powered with an AC Adapter. (Batteries and AC Adapter are not included). 


  • ADJUSTABLE CHIME - The 433-EC Wireless Alarm has a low, medium, and high volume adjustment and a gentle chime alert. Both bed and chair pads are pre-programmed and ready for use upon delivery. 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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