Vive Waterbase Pillow v2

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  • Responsive Support

Quickly adjusts to conform to the head and neck while shifting positions in your sleep for optimal support throughout the night.


  • Multilayer Pillow

Provides comfortable cushioning that is perfect for side, stomach, and back sleepers.


  • Customizable Water Base

Create a soft to the firm cushion by adding up to five quarts of water to the internal water bladder.


  • Cushioning Memory Foam Layer

The top layer is made with crushed memory foam for added softness.


  • Easy To Fill

Includes a funnel tool to easily fill the water base and open and close the fill valve.


  • Leakproof Design

Constructed with latex-free nylon material, the water bladder is durable and leakproof.



  • What’s Included:
      • Xtra-Comfort Water Base Pillow
      • Funnel tool
      • Replacement o-ring
      • 30-day guarantee
  • Uses:
      • For providing comfortable support for the head and neck while sleeping and resting.
      • For promoting a neutral head and neck position for proper spinal alignment while sleeping.
    • Dimensions: 26” by 18”
      • Holds up to 130 ounces of water
  • Materials:
      • Cotton shell
      • Shredded memory foam
      • Nylon PVC water bladder
    • Latex free: yes
  • What Type of Water To Use:
      • Distilled water (most recommended)
      • Pre-boiled water which has been cooled to room temperature
      • Tap water (no chemicals need to be added)
      • Well water: It is recommended to add one drop of bleach per liter to eliminate any impurities or bacteria
  • Care Instructions:
    • Water filling should be changed at least once every six months
    • Spot clean the water base pillow with a damp cloth and allow it to air dry completely before use
    • Do not machine wash or dry
    • Do not bleach



  • Will the Xtra-Comfort water pillow fit in a waterproof pillowcase?

Yes, the water base pillow is sized to easily fit in standard pillowcases including waterproof pillowcases.


  • Does the water base pillow require any maintenance?

Yes, the water base pillow should be emptied and refilled once every six months.


  • Do I need to add any bleach to the water when filling my Xtra-Comfort water pillow?

We recommend adding one drop of bleach to each liter of water when using well water. It is not necessary to add bleach to distilled, pre-boiled or municipal tap water.


  • Can you hear water sloshing around if you move around a lot?

The Xtra-Comfort water pillow includes detailed instructions for preventing sloshing.


  • Is the water base pillow leakproof?

Yes! The water base pillow is constructed with a durable nylon PVC that is leakproof. Should leaking be detected, please check the cap to ensure the o-ring is seated properly and the cap is fully tightened with the funnel tool.


  • Is the memory foam layer soft?

Yes! The top layer of the water base pillow is made with shredded memory foam that is soft and supportive.


  • How large is the Xtra-Comfort water pillow?

The Xtra-Comfort water base pillow measures 26” by 18”.


  • Is the water pillow latex-free?

Yes! The Xtra-Comfort water pillow is latex-free.


  • Do I need to use a pillowcase with the water pillow?

It is recommended that a pillowcase be used with the water pillow.


  • Does the water pillow stay cool?

Yes, the water pillow stays cool throughout the night.


  • Will the water base pillow be good for a side sleeper?

Yes! The Xtra-Comfort water base pillow is ideal for all sleep positions. For side sleepers, we recommend that the pillow be filled to produce moderately firm cushioning.


  • Is the water pillow heavy?

The water pillow does become heavier when filled with water, so care should be taken when filling and repositioning the pillow.


  • Is the Xtra-Comfort water pillow too heavy to use on a memory foam mattress?

The water pillow is suitable for use on a memory foam mattress.


  • How thick is the memory foam layer?

The shredded memory foam layer is approximately five inches thick when fully expanded.


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Product Number: CSH1065WHT

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